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About us

GP Fanci Fx 2 Sexy of BaraThe Original Chubbs Bar got its name from a cat.  Chubbs, is a blue mackerel tabby and white Persian, and retired Grand Premier Champion, owned by Danelle German, president of the National Cat Groomers Institute, "Chubbs" was our most valued R&D worker during the development of these degreasing shampoo bars. Chubbs patiently tested various liquid shampoo samples and then shampoos in bar form until we settled on an effective purifying shampoo bar that was safe with remarkable results for all dirty pets.

 Chubbs has been tested and used on cats, dogs, horses, cavies, swine, and poultry with amazing results. Get your free sample today!

 Benefits of Chubbs Bars

  • Safe for cats and dogs over 12 weeks of age.
  • Very little packaging. No bottles to dispose of.
  • No wasted shampoo down the drain as is common with shampoo in liquid form.
  • Space saving. No bottles to take up valuable space in the tub, salon, mobile unit, or house call set up.
  • All natural, mostly organic ingredients.
  • Vegan: contains no animal products or byproducts!
  • Safe for cats. No d’limonene, essential oils, sulfates, formaldehyde, or detergents.
  • Easy to pack. Airline friendly.
  • No spills.
  • Cost effective. For us the average cost to bathe a cat is .68 cents compared to over $1.70 per cat we were spending before Chubbs Bars.
  • Fun! It’s kinda fun to rub down a dog or cat with a shampoo bar!
  • Note: Even though these organic shampoo bars are made with all natural and mostly organic ingredients, avoid contact with eyes as this is not a “tearless” shampoo.

Chubbs Bars Canada was there, right at the beginning of Chubbs Bars Company in summer of 2013. As a long-time certified professional groomer and show fancier, owner Janet Wormitt, right away saw the merit and potential of this unique product. It checked all the right boxes in eco and pet friendliness with great results.

Chubbs Bars Canada is located in the city of Ottawa at 202-200 Kennevale Drive, ON K2J6B6. Local product pick ups are possible, but please call ahead to confirm. We can be reached at or 613-898-9228